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The SCN Early Career Neuropsychologist Committee (ECNPC) is a committee specifically for neuropsychologists within 10 years of completing their doctoral degree. We are sponsored by the Membership Committee of The Society for Clinical Neuropsychology, also known as Division 40 of The American Psychological Association.

Did you know that clinical neuropsychology is a rapidly expanding specialty and that SCN currently represents the largest specialty division within the American Psychological Association? It is surely exciting to know that you have many new colleagues joining the ranks each year. However, the period immediately following your graduation can be confusing and at times overwhelming. Where do you go next? What is the next stage in your professional journey? How do you get licensed or board certified? What about finding a a job? How do you establish your own line of research? Find mentorship in this next phase of your professional journey? These are all critical questions.

The broad purpose of the ECNPC is to ensure that you receive the support, mentorship, information, and resources necessary to help you transition out of your student years. When you join SCN, you are able to designate your early career status and you automatically become a member of our organization. While our listservFacebook group, and LinkedIn group are open to all early-career individuals regardless of their membership status, only dues-paying early career members are able to enjoy the full benefit of our resources.

It is my hope that you will find our excellent team of officers to be very helpful over the first ten years of your new career in clinical neuropsychology. We are so glad to have you join us and to add your unique voice to our wonderful organization. Welcome to your new professional home. Welcome to the Early Career Neuropsychologist Committee of SCN.

Amanda Gooding


Get to know the ECNPC officer team serving you here.

Past Leadership

Deb Loftis
Lauren Ayr
Cady Block
​Amanda Gooding
​Could be you!
Callie Dunn


Samantha DeDios Stern


Maia Feigon


Joel Kamper

Practice Affairs

Preeti Sunderaraman


Joining the ECNPC and our Listserv

Are you within 10 years of completing your doctorate degree? Then you are indeed eligible for membership in the Early Career Neuropsychologist Committee (ECNPC). First, take a moment to review some of our frequently asked questions. This will help you to find the information you need to join and get started in our group. Again, we extend you the warmest of welcomes to the ECNPC!

SCN membership provides the opportunity to become a part of the ECNPC. We host an active listserv and Facebook group, interactive media events, convention educational and social programming, sponsor the early career representative network through the SCN mentorship program, proctor the early career travel awards, and more broadly seek to advocate for your interests as an early career individual.

We are a dues-driven organization, which means that all member dues go towards making sure we provide you with information and resources. It is an important part of professionalism to maintain your active dues-paying status. We aim to keep the cost of membership very affordable. Annual membership is only $34 for members, and $20 for postdoctoral fellows.

First, it is important to clarify that there is actually no separate ECNPC membership. As an SCN Member, you are automatically included as a member of the ECNPC if you are of early-career status. All you have to do is indicate your early career status on the SCN membership application. As a convenience to you, we don’t require APA membership as a prerequisite to membership in SCN. You can join our organization directly.

How much does it cost? Joining our listserv is free! As a benefit to you, we elected to keep the ECNPC listserv open regardless of dues-paying status within SCN. ​

Who is elgible? The ECNPC is designed to benefit individuals who are within or beyond the ten-year period after completion of the doctorate degree. This includes postdoctoral fellows, and anyone else who is within or beyond the ten-year period after graduating from the doctorate degree. Students and interns are not permitted, instead being encouraged to check out our student organization. ​However, we recognize that students wish to interface with early career professionals so we permit participation in our other Facebook group, conference programming, and mentorship program. ​Requests for listserv membership request require a brief screening to ensure that you are an appropriate fit for the listserv.

How do I subscribe?

First, please read the membership restrictions above. At this time, our early career listserv is limited to individuals who are postdoctoral fellows or career individuals. Students and trainees are asked to join our student/trainee listserv. Once you have read and understood these restrictions, please read and follow the APA listserv rules. ​To formally join the early career neuropsychologist listserv, follow the four simple steps we have listed for you below. They include:

  1. Send an initial e-mail to listserv@lists.apa.org.
  2. In the body of your message (not subject line) type: SUBSCRIBE DIV40ECNPC (your name). 
  3. You will receive an e-mail from the APA listserv interface confirming your subscription.

Now, whenever you want to contribute to the listserv, just e-mail: div40ecnpc@lists.apa.org.

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, please contact the SCN Early Career Neuropsychologist Committee at this email. ​We are always happy to help!
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