Awards Committee

Awards Committee Chair: Alicia Ito Ford, Ph.D.

The Society for Clinical Neuropsychology (SCN/DIV 40) is accepting applications for the Robert A. and Phyllis Levitt Early Career Award in Neuropsychology. Eligible candidates are APA members who have received their doctoral degree within the past ten years.  The winner of this award will have made a distinguished contribution to neuropsychology in research, scholarship, and/or clinical work.

Application requirements:  The applicant must submit: (1) a nomination letter authored by a member of SCN/DIV 40 and (2) a supporting letter from a nationally-known neuropsychologist (both letters should comment upon the candidate’s work and its impact on the field); (3) a CV; (4) three supporting documents that provide evidence of national/international recognition (e.g., major publications, research grants, documentation of clinical or teaching techniques, a treatment protocol); and (5) a personal statement no longer than 500 words which describes professional accomplishments, long-term goals, and future challenges and directions in the field of neuropsychology.

Application procedure:  The applicant should submit all materials in a single pdf file by email to Alicia Ford, Chair, SCN/Div 40 Awards Committee, at

Application deadline:  November 18, 2020

Award: The awardee will receive $1,000 and have the opportunity to give an address at the 2021 APA Convention.

Scott Sperling, PsyD
2019 Levitt Early Career Award Winner

The SCN Awards Committee is very pleased to announce that Scott Sperling, PsyD, from the University of Virginia is the 2019 winner of the Levitt Early Career Award. Dr. Sperling is an active researcher and leader in the neuropsychology community. He will be presenting during the Awards ceremony next August at the APA Convention. The committee reviewed applications from 4 very talented and dedicated early career neuropsychologists and the ratings were quite close and competitive. The Awards Committee would like to thank all the applications for their hard work and dedication to the field of neuropsychology.
2019 Blue Ribbon Awardees
Best Student Submission:
Kharine Jean, BS (University of Georgia)
The Differential Effects of Education on Functional Status Based on Genetic Risk
Best Student Translational Neuropsychological Submission:
Amie Kim, BS (University of Victoria)
The Clinical Utility of Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Children with ADHD
Best Student Minority Submission:
Yingjing Xia (University of California, San Diego)
Distinguishing Amnestic MCI Subtypes in Older Adults via Screening versus Expanded Memory Tests
Best Student Evidence-Based Practice Submission:
Brianna Hardt, BS (Loma Linda University)
Working Memory as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Education and Phonemic Fluency
Best Student Cross-Cultural Neuropsychology Submission:
Angely A Piazza-Rodríguez, BA (Palo Alto University)
Exercise predicts memory performance over time among older Latinx adults
Best Early Career Submission:
Kelsey R. Thomas, PhD (University of California, San Diego)
Cognitive Training Increases MCI-to-Normal Reversion Rate in the ACTIVE Study
Best Established Professional Submission:
Duke Han, PhD (University of Southern California)
Perceived Discrimination in Older Black Adults is Associated with Insula Functional Connectivity
Past Early Career Award Winners
2018 - Nikki H. Stricker, Ph.D.2009 - Nancy D. Chiaravalloti, Ph.D.
2017 - Emily Edmonds, Ph.D.2008 - Maria T. Schultheis, Ph.D.
2016 - Shawn McClintock, Ph.D.2007 - Steven Paul Woods, Psy.D.
2015 - Melanie Chandler, Ph.D.2006 - Tanis J. Ferman, Ph.D.
2014 - Jared Bruce, Ph.D.2005 - Kimberly Andrews Espy, Ph.D.
2013 - Laura L. S. Howe, J.D., Ph.D.2004 - Agnes S. Chan, Ph.D.
2012 - Angela L. Jefferson, Ph.D.2003 - Deborah Koltai Attix, Ph.D.
2011 - Monica Rivera Mindt, Ph.D.2002 - Jennifer J. Manly, Ph.D.
2010 - Adam M. Brickman, Ph.D.2001 - Joseph H. Ricker, Ph.D.
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