About ANST

What is the purpose of ANST?

Broadly, ANST follows three guiding values. These values are: knowledge, community, and leadership. In accordance with these values, our purpose at ANST is to provide information, support, and access to resources for trainees in clinical neuropsychology, which include undergraduate students with a budding interest in neuropsychology, graduate students, and predoctoral interns.

ANST represents a unified community of students and trainees interested in clinical neuropsychology. With the support of our parent organization, the Society for Clinical Neuropsychology, we aim to work together to strengthen the foundation of our profession while continuing to expand its boundaries.

What are the benefits of membership in SCN and ANST?

ANST provides a place where members can come together to learn about and discuss relevant issues impacting education, training, and professional practice. ANST also connects members with a variety of resources including clinical and research resources, professional/ organizational, and funding, among others. In accordance with our three guiding values, by being a member of ANST we hope that you:

  • Make new connections. With our social networking groups, listserv, regular conference social events, and large network of student-led ANST Interest Groups across the country, we hope that you will make new friends, network to find new colleagues, feel supported with new mentorship, and find a supportive community of students and trainees just like you.
  • Share and receive knowledge. Through our regular conference programming, listserv, networking groups, webinar series, virtual happy hour events, and SCN offerings such as the newsletter, NeuroBlog, and Twitter feed, we hope that you stay abreast of current neuropsychology news as well as expand your knowledge base and skill set in the areas of education, training, clinical practice, research and scholarship, and professional issues such as advocacy, leadership, cultural competency, and ethics.
  • Explore our many leadership opportunities. With our chapter representative program and the largest board of student representative officers within any APA division, ANST provides a number of unique leadership opportunities of which we encourage you to take advantage.

How do I join ANST?

First, it’s important to clarify: there is NO separate membership to ANST. ANST is a part of the Educational Advisory Committee (EAC), which is a part of Division 40 of the American Psychological Association – also known as the Society for Clinical Neuropsychology (SCN).

So: by becoming a member of SCN, you automatically become a member of ANST! Check out our Joining ANST page for details on how to officially become a member of SCN and ANST. Student Affiliate membership is only $10. Membership for post-docs is currently $20!

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