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Angelina is a doctoral candidate at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and a predoctoral intern at the North Texas VA Healthcare System. Her research focuses on the motivation to change health and lifestyle factors to reduce the risk of developing dementia. This research focuses on determining those beliefs to help tailor neuropsychological recommendations for adults and older adults to reduce their risk of developing dementia. Clinically, she looks to specialize with geriatric patients. Angelina also created a dementia prevention program where she educates local communities on risk factors for dementia and mediating those risk factors.

ANST Member Highlights Submission Instructions:

We know ANST members are shaping the future of neuropsychology and we want to highlight and honor these achievements. We are taking nominations highlighting members in 1) research, 2) clinical, 3) community outreach, and 4) advocacy and policy. Self nominations as well as those from peers, sponsors/mentors, and supervisors are welcome!

ANST Interest Group Highlight:

University of Florida

Why is it important for your institution/graduate program to have an ANST interest group?
We provide a voice for trainees in clinical neuropsychology, a platform where students can come together to discuss training issues, important resources and services for aspiring clinical neuropsychologists, and the opportunity to learn about issues that impact professional and scientific interests. We also strive to highlight trainee accomplishments on our website/Twitter.
Past and future interest group initiatives/programming:
We hold weekly meetings that have recently involved case presentations, fact-finding, journal clubs, and post-doc, faculty, and external speakers discussing their research and representing initiatives (e.g., CerebroFit, The AACN Relevance 2050 Initiative). This past year we had a presentation series on “how-to ” engage in fact-finding exercises. We also provide a space for students to practice conference or department-wide presentations and have outgoing students discuss their internship application process to provide tips to future applicants. Additionally, we host social activities throughout the year including annual events such as NeurOlympics (a jeopardy style game with neuropsychology trivia). We plan to continue with the same type of programming this upcoming year.
General research and clinical interests of group members:
Aging, dementia, mild cognitive impairment, TBI, PTSD, HIV, health disparities and incorporating anti-racist practice into neuropsychology, pediatrics, delirium, emotional neuroscience, and Parkinson’s disease.
If you are interested in collaborating, please contact student representative, Nicole Evangelista ( You can also find their interest group on Twitter: @UF_ANST_IG

ANST Interest Group Highlights Submission Instructions:

Whether your interest group is new or has been established for several years, we know ANST interest groups are shaping the future of neuropsychology and we want to highlight you all! 

Link for submission:

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