ANST Member Highlight:

Anthony is a graduate student at Louisiana State University. He has various publications contributing to better understanding of the psychometric properties of measures and is currently running multiple studies that seek to improve our understanding of performance validity tasks in children and adults. He is a Huel D. Perkins Fellowship recipient and strategic research grant recipient.

Anthony mentors and coordinates events for research assistants both at LSU and other universities. He has successfully mentored multiple undergraduates through to acceptance into graduate school. He is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and co-founded the first and only association for queer graduate students at LSU. Additionally, Anthony advocates for diversity in psychology as a member of the diversity committee for LSU’s Psychology Department.

Follow Anthony on Twitter! @Ant_Rob23

ANST Member Highlights Submission Instructions:

We know ANST members are shaping the future of neuropsychology and we want to highlight and honor these achievements. We are taking nominations highlighting members in 1) research, 2) clinical, 3) community outreach, and 4) advocacy and policy. Self nominations as well as those from peers, sponsors/mentors, and supervisors are welcome!

ANST Interest Group Highlight:

Antioch University New England

Why is it important for your institution/graduate program to have an ANST interest group?
Having an ANST interest group at Antioch University allows a space for students to come together and share their interests in neuropsychology, help prepare one another for a career in neuropsychology, and support one another in balancing the requirements of the school vs. the requirements of the neuropsychology field. 

Past and future interest group initiatives/programming:
Group meetings, guest speakers from neuropsychologists, journal club, establishing a mentorship program with current students, alumni, and other professionals in the field. 

General research and clinical interests of group members: 
Epilepsy, Lyme disease, cancer, pediatrics, dementia, forensic neuropsychological assessment, cultural sensitivity of assessment measures.

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact student representative, Jennifer Mayette, BS.

ANST Interest Group Highlights Submission Instructions:

Whether your interest group is new or has been established for several years, we know ANST interest groups are shaping the future of neuropsychology and we want to highlight you all! 

Link for submission:

If you have any questions, please contact us

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