ANST Leadership

ANST Officer Commitee

Laura Campbell, MS

Neurotechnology Officer

Term: 2022 - 2024

Predoctoral Intern

The Charleston Consortium Internship Program

Laura Campbell is the ANST Neurotechnology Officer. She is currently a doctoral candidate at the SDSU/UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology and is completing her predoctoral internship at the Charleston Consortium (Medical University of South Carolina/Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center). Her research interests include integrating digital tools (e.g., smartphone-based ecological momentary cognitive assessments, wearables) into neuropsychology research in order to 1) improve efficiency and ecological validity of neuropsychological tests, and 2) being able to examine dynamic associations between cognition and modifiable lifestyle factors in the “real world.” Her clinical interests primarily focus on neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive rehabilitation, and she hopes to continue to integrate technology into clinical settings. Twitter: @LauraMCmpbll

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