ANST Listserv

What is a Listserv?

A listserv is simply an electronic mailing list that is operated similar to an online thread. It allows people to easily create, maintain, and control information sent out to a collective list of e-mail addresses. Once a topic is started, other members of the listserv can reply and in turn see others’ responses to the original post. Having a single list of subscribers removes the burden for members as they only need to maintain their own subscription status. Many listserv memberships, such as the ANST listserv, are private and by subscription only. The ANST listserv is sponsored by the American Psychological Association.

ANST has its own listserv community made up of graduate students and interns. We now have nearly 1,000 members, and we are constantly growing! Our listserv is active and regularly sends out conference announcements, training opportunities such as new internships and fellowships, funding announcements, health-and science-related news, and other interesting and beneficial information. The ANST listserv is not just a place for announcements! Please feel free to begin or contribute to any discussions on the listserv. We encourage members to be active participants, as the listserv also provide a forum for professional development, including learning how to engage in dialogue with peers and colleagues.

Joining the ANST Listserv

When joining the listserv, a good first step would be to introduce yourself to the other members. An introduction email may contain information such as your name, program and/or chapter, research interests, and clinical interests. To subscribe to the ANST listserv, please follow the instructions outlined below.

● Send an initial e-mail to
● In the body of your message – not the subject line – type SUBSCRIBE DIV40ANST (your name).

A correct listserv subscription should look like this: SUBSCRIBE DIV40ANST John Smith

● You should receive an e-mail from ANST confirming your subscription to the listserv.
● Now, whenever you want to contribute to the listserv, use the listserv e-mail:
● Send an e-mail introducing yourself to the listserv!

Please Note

Be mindful that there are rules to using this or any other listserv. Outside of practicing general etiquette when interacting with other listserv members, APA has their own set of listserv usage rules that all users must abide by. Please first read the APA listserv usage rules. These rules may be found online here. Welcome to the ANST Listserv – and happy posting!

Other Relevant Listservs

There are a number of different special interest lists that you can join. Please visit our Other Listservs page to learn more about what additional lists you can join with links and instructions.

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