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Upcoming conferences & calendar of events

APA/The Society for Clinical Neuropsychology
2023 Meeting – Washington, D.C. (August 3-6, 2023)
2024 Meeting – Seattle, WA (August 8-11, 2024)
2025 Meeting – Denver, CO (August 7-9, 2025)
2026 Meeting – Washington, DC (August 6-8, 2026)
The International Neuropsychological Society

2023 Meeting – San Diego, CA USA (February 1-4, 2023)
2023 Meeting – Taipei, Taiwan (July 6-8, 2023)
2024 Meeting – New York City, NY USA (February 14-17, 2024)
2024 Global Meeting – Porto, Portugal (Dates TBD, July 2024)

The National Academy of Neuropsychology

2023 Meeting – Philadelphia, PA (October 25-28, 2023)

The American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology

2023 Meeting – Washington, DC (June 7-10, 2023)

Note: Although updated regularly, conference information such as dates is subject to change. The information provided here is to be considered general guidelines to assist you in planning for upcoming conferences. Please check with organizational websites for more detailed information.

Presentation Tips

Good communication and organization skills are key to successfully presenting your research at conferences. Whether you’re already a strong speaker or have some areas to brush up on, a quick review of these conference tips can be helpful:

Conference Networking

One of the main reasons that people attend conferences is for the networking opportunities. Yet, most people often leave feeling as if they made few or no connections. In addition to attending any ANST and Division-sponsored events, here are some tips for successful conference networking:

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