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Please visit our  “Joining ANST” page for instructions.
A listserv is an electronic mailing list that is operated similar to an online thread. It allows people to easily create, maintain, and control information sent out to a collective list of e-mail addresses. Once a topic is started, other members of the listserv can reply and in turn see others’ responses to the original post. Having a single list of subscribers removes the burden for members as they only need to maintain their own subscription status. Many listserv memberships, such as the ANST listserv, are private and by subscription only. The ANST listserv is sponsored by the American Psychological Association. Please visit the ANST Listserv page for information on how to subscribe and consider joining other professional listservs for neuropsychology. Information about other listservs of interest can be found on the “On The Web” page.
For more information on education or training, please visit our Training & Education page or the APA Division 40/SCN webpage.
In order to have a chapter, you need to check that your institution meets the criteria to start an ANST Interest Group. This information can be found on the “Starting an ANST Interest Group” page.

ANST and SCN (Div40) are currently working to put together a list of neuropsychology training programs. A non-exhaustive list can be found on the SCN Website under the Training Programs heading. We are unable to provide specific recommendations regarding the quality of individual programs. However, you may find it useful to join the ANST Listserv or our Facebook group to network with other students who may have information to share.

Again,  ANST and SCN (Div40) are currently working to update lists of internship and post-doc programs meeting  Houston Conference guidlines to provide a more comprehensive list for trainees. A non-exhaustive list can be found on the SCN Website under the Training Programs heading. Check out our “Organizations to Know” page for additional organizations to aid in your program search and don’t forget to join the listservs (both the ANST Listserv and other professional neuropsych listservs) to get late-breaking info on post-doc openings.

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