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Know Neuropsychology

KnowNeuropsychology is a free didactic lecture series geared towards students, trainees, and all those interested in neuropsychology. Each week, lectures rotate between between our four core educational areas: (1) clinical disorders, (2) professional development, (3) clinical practice, and (4) research related topics.

WEBLINK: https://knowneuropsych.org/

Inter-Organizational Practice Committee (IOPC)

The Inter Organizational Practice Committee (IOPC) is a committee of the practice chairs of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, the National Academy of Neuropsychology, Division 40 of the American Psychological Association, and the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology, tasked with coordinating advocacy efforts and improving the practice climate for Neuropsychology.

WEBLINK: http://www.neuropsychologytoolkit.com

Brain Blogger

Brain Blogger is an award winning health and science blog that covers topics from multidimensional biopsychosocial perspectives. It reviews the most impactful news and research related to neuroscience/neurology, psychology and psychiatry, and healthcare. The blog serves as a beacon for attracting new minds beyond the basic sciences of brain and into the biopsychosocial model.

WEBLINK: http://brainblogger.com

The Human Connectome Project

We’ve all heard about the human genome project, right? Well, brain enthusiasts unite: The Human Connectome Project is underway! Advances in neuroimaging have made possible a deeper understanding of the living human brain like no other point in history. The Human Connectome Project aims not only to provide a critical compilation of neural data, but to provide users with an interface to graphically navigate the data.

WEBLINK: http://humanconnectomeproject.org

APA/Division Connections

Want to keep up to date on all happenings related to APA Division 40? Read the most current edition of Newsletter 40. Newsletter 40 is the official newsletter of APA Division 40 and features interesting cases; scientific topical reviews; and articles about the professional practice of clinical neuropsychology.

Check out some informative and interesting articles featured in gradPSYCH online, the graduate student publication of APA and APAGS:

The Write Stuff: Get some tips for writing that dissertation!
Quiz Time: What’s your attitude towards diversity?
CV Heebie-Jeebies: The “do” and “don’t” list for your CV.

Other Listservs of Interest

SCN Listservs:  Division 40 offers four listservs that are open to all interested individuals: the ANST listserv (see instructions to the left), the Women in Neuropsychology (WIN) listserv, Ethnic Minority Affairs (EMA) Interest Group listserv, and the SCNNeuroNews listserv. Subscribe by visiting the APA Divisions’ listserv page. Scroll down to find DIV40. You will need to create a login (which is separate from your APA login).

NPSYCH: Offering information on issues relevant to the field of clinical neuropsychology. Subscribe by visiting  Neurolist and completing the online form presented on the website under ‘NPSYCH’.

PEDS NPSY: Information on issues relevant to pediatric neuropsychology. Subscribe by  sending the message “SUBSCRIBE PED-NPSY (your first and last name)” to listserv@tc.umn.edu.

APAGS Listservs: Subscribe by sending an email with the message “SUBSCRIBE (name of listserv – see below listserv titles in bold) (your first and last name)” to listserv@lists.apa.org.

  • APAGSINTERNSHIP: for current internship students.
  • EARLYCAREER: For early career psychologists.
  • MENTORS: for connecting with a professional psychologist.
  • PSYCGRAD: general discussion list for graduate students.
  • APAGSINTERNATIONAL: for international students.
  • APAGSLGBT: for LGBTQ students.
  • APAGSNON-TRAD: for non-traditional students.

APPIC Postdoctoral Listserv: Updates on post-doctoral training issues in professional psychology. You can subscribe by sending a blank email to the following address: subscribe-postdoc-network@lyris.appic.org. You will subsequently receive an e-mail containing instructions for you to follow in order to confirm your subscription.

The Brain in The News

Neuro NewsFeeds

Not ready to go back to the lab just yet? Check out these interesting sites:

The Brain Science Podcast by Ginger Campbell, M.D.
Ted Talks neuroscience-related lectures by renowned speakers
The Brain Blog by Dr. Anthony Risser, Ph.D.    
Orange County Neuropsychologist by Dr. Haygoush Kalinian
NeuroEthics and the Law by law professor Adam Kolber
NeuroLearning covers new research on learning for children/adolescents.

Neuro Podcasts

Meet the Author Podcast Series

Developed by ANST and the Education Advisory Committee (EAC) of APA Division 40 (SCN), in partnership with the editorial board of Neuropsychology and APA, this podcast offers an opportunity for trainee interviewers to directly engage with and learn from experienced neuropsychologists. Student trainees, selected by the ANST/EAC committees, collaborate with the editor of Neuropsychology to interview authors of recently published papers. Listen to the podcasts here!

The Past and Future of Neuropsychology


APA Journals Dialogue Episode 27

Drs. Gregory Brown and Erin Bigler discuss the past 25 years of progress in neuropsychological research and theory.

NavNeuro Podcast Series

Navigating Neuropsychology is a podcast that presents cutting edge scientific findings, debates and discusses important topic areas, and interviews experts in a variety of brain-behavior related fields. Listen to the series here!

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