ANST Interest Groups

What are ANST Interest Groups?

The currently 60+ ANST interest Groups at graduate institutions and internship training sites in the United States and Canada serve to offer a close-knit community for neuropsychology trainees and to coordinate members communication and engagement with ANST and SCN.

Each ANST Interest Group is led by one or more motivated student representatives and overseen by a selected faculty mentor. Interest Group Representative work closely with the ANST Membership Officer to help develop and manage their group. It’s a leadership development opportunity you don’t’ want to miss! Through ANST Interest Groups, representative and members alike engage in professional development, community service, and networking at both local and national levels.

Why start an ANST Interest Group?

ANST interest groups assist ANST and SCN in disseminating important information about training and professional issues relevant to the field of neuropsychology. ANST Interest Groups also relay important information about educational and training issues to ANST and SCN. Further:

  • ANST Interest Groups help ensure that students at all levels of training in neuropsychology are well informed about important education and career opportunities, as well as helping to organize local resources for training and networking.
  • ANST Interest Groups provide a regular forum for students to discuss, debate, and provide feedback on a variety of issues. Many programs facilitate this discussion through topical seminars or professional speakers at local universities. With virtual programming, ANST Interest Groups have the opportunity to open up their events to the broader ANST community and to collaborate with other Interest Groups at different institutions. At the national level, we facilitate this dialogue about professional issues with trainees and professionals through social networking, listserv post, and conference programming.
  • ANST Interest Groups serve as a vehicle for creating greater awareness of neuropsychology by making your program more visible to other students interested in neuropsychology and through increased local and national community and professional engagement. By becoming a chapter, your Interest Group furthers key missions of ANST to address pipelines and representation issues within neuropsychology, provide better supports and a sense of community for neuropsychology trainees, and increase student discussion/involvement in training and professional issues relevant to the field of neuropsychology.
  • ANST Interest Group representative join a community of over 100 other representatives where you can network and share ideas for how to help your Interest Group thrive. Current representatives can request to join the ANST Interest Group slack
  • ANST Interest Groups also promote student leadership opportunities for trainees to gain exposure to the world of organizational governance and foster development of critical leadership skills.

How do I learn more about current ANST Interest Groups?

There are currently 60+ ANST Interest Groups at graduate institutions and internship programs across the United States and Canada. To learn more about out ANST Interest Groups, click here.

Starting An Interest Group

We thank you for your interest in starting an interest group and serving as an Interest Group Representative for the Association of Neuropsychology Students & Trainees (ANST)! Being a representative is a rewarding and valuable experience in leadership, professional commitment and activity, and networking with other trainees and neuropsychologists around the country.

The eligibility criteria for starting an ANST Interest Group are:

  • The Host Program: must be currently APA-accredited. It must also offer at least one brain-behavior course, and at least one neuropsychology practicum experience.
  • The Faculty Sponsor: must be a neuropsychologist. They must evidence scholarly, clinical, and/or professional involvement in the field of neuropsychology.
  • The Interest Group Representative(s): must be student affiliate(s) of the Society of Clinical Neuropsychology.

The process of becoming an interest group representative and/or starting an interest group begins with thoroughly reading our Interest Group Primer. Please note:

  • ANST took a great deal of time and effort in preparing this primer to make the process of starting and getting your Interest Group underway as successful as possible. This primer was created at the request and feedback of past Interest Group Applicants. As such, we ask that you please read this primer carefully and contact us if there are any other questions.
  • Additionally, the primer outlines the duties and responsibilities that you will undertake as a professional representative of ANST and by extension SCN. You are becoming a role model for others and as such we do expect you to be active within your own groups as well as on the ANST listserv, social networking groups, and at ANST/SCN-sponsored conference events. Please review ANST’s Social Media Guidelines.

If at this point you have fully read the primer, you are now ready to complete the appropriate version of the Interest Group Application:

Please note:

  • If you are starting an interest group: completion of the above application satisfies your request to be instated as an Interest Group Representative as well as founds your new ANST Interest Group.
  • If you are applying to be a representative of an already existing ANST Interest Group: this application satisfies your request to become the new Chapter Representative of that chapter. We will also seek verification of the leadership transfer from the existing Representative of Record.
  • From now on, the ANST Membership Officers will be your main point of contact as they officially manage the ANST Interest Group Program. Should any questions arise or any issues in managing your Interest Group, please contact the ANST Membership Officers.
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