The Clinical Neuropsychology
Trainee Forum (CNTF)

What is the CNTF?

The Clinical Neuropsychology Trainee Forum (CNTF) is a virtual forum held three times yearly in which student/trainee leaders from neuropsychology organizations can exchange information and seek common ground in projects of inter-organizational interest. It also serves as a resource to engage in inclusive and impactful student advocacy. Informational exchange and advocacy efforts facilitate the coordination of trainee-related advocacy among its member organizations and helps provide consistent information to students while avoiding inefficient duplication that may waste resources.

What is involved?

  • Three virtual meetings each year (January, May, and October) attended by the student/trainee representatives of the participating neuropsychology organizations.
  • Representatives from the participating organizations take turns coordinating the meetings and taking meeting notes.
  • Meeting notes are shared with the respective parent organizations by their student/trainee leaders.
  • The CNTF is not a formal organization and does not have a governing body. Its sole purpose is to set aside meeting times for student/trainee leaders to communicate with one another efficiently. All student/trainee initiatives are pursued through the proper parent organizational channels.

Clinical Neuropsychology Trainee Forum (CNTF) Mission Statement

The CNTF unifies student and trainee representatives from across neuropsychology organizations, both large and small, in the United States and Canada, by facilitating streamlined, consistent communication and collaboration. Ultimately, the CNTF seeks to engage in inclusive, equitable, and impactful advocacy for and by students and trainees in neuropsychology around the world.

Aspirational goals of the CNTF will be to:

  • Combine efforts to provide more opportunities to its organizations’ respective student memberships.
  • Share previously and currently successful programs and resources to support each organization’s student-led initiatives.
  • Represent and advocate for students’ interests as a cohesive and collective effort.
  • Provide a forum to discuss issues relevant to training, education, and credentialing.
  • Foster collaborative initiatives and support among students and newer student organizations.
  • Facilitate the achievement of goals beneficial to students at different levels of training.

Who is involved?

The CNTF is comprised of student representatives who hold leadership roles in participating neuropsychology organizations. If you are a trainee who holds a leadership role in a national or regional neuropsychology organization, and would like your organization to join the CNTF please feel free to email

Current Organizational Members:

News from CNTF:

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