Diversity Vision Statement

Systemic racism and bias exist and have impacted every aspect of life for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in the United States for centuries. As an organization, SCN must consider how our colleagues, trainees, and clinical practice are impacted by these prejudices and how we historically have centered whiteness as the normative benchmark. We further acknowledge the disproportionate impact this has had on BIPOC in our field and on BIPOC trainees. SCN can no longer perpetuate these disparities through our complacency and silence. SCN must be more vigilant and deliberate in recognizing and modifying our professional practices in order to disrupt systemic racism in all forms.

Inclusiveness, transparency, openness, and accountability are important core values and characteristics that SCN embraces. We pledge to demonstrate this to our membership and ourselves by taking actions to address multicultural disparities in our profession. Our goals include representation of persons of color on all SCN committees, including diversity learning objectives in our APA convention programs and other learning activities offered through our Newsletter, Neuroblast, and website, and incorporating diversity issues, as well as transparency and accountability in our strategic planning. We will review progress toward diversity goals on at least an annual basis with a report of progress shared with the SCN Membership at our annual business meeting, which coincides with the American Psychological Association Convention. It is our hope to demonstrate our support through our actions and not only our words.

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