PIAC Liaison Committee

The APA Division 40 Liaisons are assigned to specific APA Committees where they work to define and strengthen Division 40 relationships with the APA boards and committees. Liaisons are expected to increase membership and the active participation of sub-groups of clinical neuropsychologists and students-in-training in Division 40 activities. Liaisons develop mechanisms for ongoing sharing of sub-group-specific research findings, clinical approaches, and training information by networking with other APA committees or training programs.

  • Liaisons attend their respective APA Committee Meetings during the Fall and Spring APA Consolidated Meetings. The liaison is expected to gather information from their respective APA Committee during the Consolidated Meetings that may be of interest to Division 40 and share information with the respective APA Committee regarding Division 40’s activities that may be of interest to them.
  • The liaison is expected to create and disperse bi-annual reports based on new initiatives, continuing responsibilities, and key issues of their respective APA Committee meeting agenda and discussion at the Consolidated Meetings that are of interest or relevance to Division 40.

Society for Clinical Neuropsychology Liaisons

Committee on Aging (CONA)
Andreana (Anya) Benitez, Ph.D., Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston
Term: 2017-2020

Committee on Children, Youth, & Families (CYF)
Liaison: Susan Bowen, Ph.D., Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital/Case Western Reserve University
Term:  2011-2020

Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA)
Michelle Madore, Ph.D.
Term: 2015-2018

Committee on Women in Psychology (CWP)
Krista Lishdal, Ph.D.

Term: 2017-2020

Division 40 Liaison at Large
Stephanie Townes, Psy.D.
Term: 2017-2020

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