Scientific Advisory Committee

Scientific Advisory Committee Chair: Kati Pagulayan, Ph.D.

SAC Mission

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) facilitates the scientific mission of Division 40 by communicating and promoting the integration of scientific goals within the Division, within APA, and across professions.  Specific goals of the SAC include promoting the study and application of knowledge regarding brain-behavior relationships, advocating for the recognition of Division 40 as a scientific division of APA, recognizing and encouraging student research in neuropsychology, and addressing scientific issues raised by the membership.

2023 Society for Clinical Neuropsychology Early Career Pilot Study Awards

Overview: The Society for Clinical Neuropsychology (SCN) is accepting applications for its Early Career Pilot Study Awards program.  Eligible candidates are SCN members (including associates and student affiliates) who are within ten years of having completed their doctoral degree and are committed to basic or clinical research in the field of neuropsychology. Full announcement is available at (under About SCN > Committees > Scientific Advisory Committee).

Application requirements: (1) Application face page, (2) Brief abstract of the proposed project, (3) 4-page research plan, (4) NIH-style biosketches of all investigators, (4) Budget and budget justification, (5) Summary of existing facilities resources in the applicant’s setting that are available to support the project, and (6) Letter of support from an identified mentor or mentors who will help facilitate the project. Application materials are available at (under About SCN > Committees > Scientific Advisory Committee).

Application procedure: All materials are to be submitted electronically, in the order listed above and as a single PDF file, to Michael L. Alosco, PhD, Chair, APA Society for Clinical Neuropsychology Early Career Pilot Study Awards Subcommittee, at

Application deadline: 11:59 PM (Eastern Time), February 25, 2023.

Congratulations to our Early Career Pilot Study Award Winners
Primary Investigator:Rachel Galioto, Cleveland ClinicPrimary Investigator:Alena Stasenko, UCSD
Mentor:Robyn BuschMentor:Carrie McDonald
Grant Title:Investigating Long-Term Cognitive and Functional Outcomes of Patients with Anti-LGI-1 Encephalitis Grant Title:Investigation of Language Function in Bilinguals with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Primary Investigator:Kristin Wilmoth, PhD, Medical College of WisconsinPrimary Investigator:Jordan Harp, PhD, University of Kentucky
Mentor:Lindsay Nelson, PhDMentor:Frederick Schmitt, PhD
Grant Title:Traumatic brain injury across late childhood and adolescence: Understanding the relationship with mental health morbidityGrant Title:Biomarkers for cognitive outcomes after mechanical thrombectomy for emergent large vessel occlusion (ELVO)
Primary Investigator:Christopher Nguyen, PhD, The Ohio State UniversityPrimary Investigator:Alyssa Weakley, PhD, University of California Davis
Mentor:Natalie Denburg, PhDMentor:Sarah Farias, PhD
Grant Title:Decision-making abilities and testamentary capacity among older adultsGrant Title:Compensation training to improve everyday functioning of older adults with mild cognitive impairment and subjective cognitive complaints: The Digital Memory Notebook
Primary Investigator:Jacob Jones, Ph.D., ​UCLAPrimary Investigator:Victoria Merritt, Ph.D., VA San Diego Healthcare System
Mentor:Bob Bilder, Ph.D. & Charles Hinkin, Ph.D.Mentor:Peter Arnett, Ph.D.
Grant Title:The gut-brain axis in Parkinson's Disease: Influences of microbiota on cognition and white matter integrityGrant Title:Identifying the relationship between genetic factors and neuropsychological outcome following sports-related concussion in adolescents
Primary Investigator:Amery Treble-Barna, Ph.D.,
University of Pittsburgh
Primary Investigator:Brian Kavanaugh, Psy.D., Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital/ Brown University
Mentor:Keith Yeates, Ph.D.Mentor:Anthony Spirito, Ph.D.
Grant Title:Epigenetic Influences on Neuro-behavioral Recovery Following Pediatric Traumatic Brain InjuryGrant Title:Cognitive Training to Treat Neural, Cognitive and Behavioral Levels of Executive Functioning Deficits in Children with Anxiety/Depressive Disorder
Primary Investigator:Negar Fani, Ph.D.,
Emory University
Primary Investigator:Tanya Nguyen, Ph.D.,
UC San Diego
Mentor:Tricia King, Ph.D.Mentor:Lisa Eyler, Ph.D.
Grant Title:The Neural Mechanisms of Physiologically Augmented Mindfulness MeditationGrant Title:Inflammatory Correlates of Cognitive and Neural Heterogeneity in Schizophrenia
Primary Investigator:JoAnna Jacobus, Ph.D.,
UC San Diego
Primary Investigator:Lindsay Miller, Ph.D.,
Ocean State Research Institute
Mentor:Susan Tapert, Ph.D.Mentor:Stephen Correia, Ph.D.
Grant Title:Cognitive Bias Modification Training to Reduce Marijuana Use in AdolescentsGrant Title:The Effects of Inspiratory Muscle Training on Cognition and Functional Capacity in Older Adults with Heart Failure
Primary Investigator:April Thames, Ph.D., UCLAPrimary Investigator:Sarah Szymkowicz, M.S.,
University of Florida
Mentor:Susan Bookheimer, Ph.D.Mentor:Vonetta Dotson, Ph.D.
Grant Title:The Effect of Marijuana Use and HIV status on Neurological Integrity and CognitionGrant Title:Age-Related Mechanisms of Emotion Anticipation and Perception
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