SCN Listservs

A listserv is simply an electronic mailing list that is operated similar to an online thread. It allows people to easily create, maintain, and control information sent out to a collective list of e-mail addresses. Once a topic is started, other members of the listserv can reply and in turn see others’ responses to the original post. Having a single list of subscribers removes the burden for members as they only need to maintain their own subscription status. Many listserv memberships, such as those sponsored through SCN, are private and by subscription only.

Please note that there are rules to using the SCN listservs. Outside of practicing general etiquette when interacting with other listserv members, APA has their own set of listserv usage rules that all users must abide by. Please first read the APA listserv usage rules. These rules may be found online here. Welcome to the SCN Listservs – and happy posting!

Other Listservs

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