Practice Advisory Committee

Practice Advisory Committee Co-Chairs: Nancy Hebben, PhD, ABPP & Darrin Aase, PhD, ABPP

The Practice Advisory Committee is a standing committee that focuses on issues relevant to the clinical practice of neuropsychology. Its purpose is to facilitate the clinical practice mission of Division 40 and address practice-related issues as they arise and to promote the following goals:

  • Promote the clinical understanding of brain-behavior relationships and the scientific basis of such knowledge.
  • Promote the recognition of clinical neuropsychology as a practice division and specialty within APA.
  • Improve collegiality within the neuropsychological practice community.
  • Promote clinical externships, internships, residencies, and post-doctoral training experiences in the neurosciences and neuropsychology consistent with the Houston Guidelines for Specialty Training in Clinical Neuropsychology.
Teleneuropsychology Resources:
Practice Advisory Summary Reports:
2019 Testing Code Changes:
Committee Members:
  • Darrin Aase, PhD, ABPP
  • Ciaran Considine, PhD, ABPP
  • Robert Fabiano, PhD
  • Joanne Festa, PhD
  • Nancy Hebben, PhD, ABPP
  • Steve Honor, PhD, ABPP
  • Anthony P. LoGalbo, PhD, ABPP
  • Scott Porter, PhD, ABPP
  • Ryan Schroeder, PsyD, ABPP
  • Michael Westerveld, PhD, ABPP
Trainee Representatives:
  • Jessica Bair, PhD
  • Palak Singh, MS
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